Card for a "daddy-to-be"

It's not a card itself yet, it's a project which is half-done and is still planned.

For sometime I've been thinking how to tell a husband that you're expecting a baby. I read some stories how it happened in my acquaintance's families and with strange people. Most of the times ladies yell about the result of a pregnancy test from the bathroom or nearby. And internet never showed me anything romantic about this situation, so I decided to give it a try and make a few cards "Honey, you're going to be a father!"
This is my first idea.
What is a family? A union of a man and a woman, which is supposed to lead to a 'population-growth'. And there're some people who are sure that a family isn't a family without the kids. So that's the idea I used here: making the family full and the life bright with the baby.
That's the front cover of the card:

Black and white, yin and yang. The next picture explains the process of card making

There's the lower part - white and black - with a "swirl" of dao-symbol. And there's the upper part - black and white - with a circle cut in the middle and some words through-cut on the both halves. The upper part is fixed above the lower one with pop-up glue squares just like the circles inside of the 'dao'. The words don't look quite readable beacuse of the shadow, but in real life they look okay. The left side contains the words, which assosiate with my husband: his name, his nickname, "husband", "strong", "reality", "man", "you", "day". The right side is a feminine one with opposite words: my name, nick, "wife", "woman", "dream", "weak", "me", "night". Actually in English I'd think of better pairs, Russian language is a little hard to use in a card like that.
And the inside of the card should look like that (i didn't do it in paper yet, so it's just a digital project)

It says: "You and me - we're the two halves of the whole, of our family. We're so different, yet we're together. And we live our life together, overcoming the BLACK stripes and celebrating the WHITE ones... But soon our life will be filled with a whole palette of bright colors!" The bottom is covered with a lid with words "Darling, you're going to be a father!" Then the lid if lifted the idea of "bright colors" becomes illustrated:

Words with arrows are "Mommy", "Daddy" and "Me".

The idea can be a little changed from "you're daddy-to-be" to "Honey, let's add some bright colors to our life. Let's have a baby!"

ps: I'm not expecting a baby, it's just a project which i took up for fun and maybe for future. Making only "happy birthday" cards can be boring, so I wanted to add some special meaning to my hobby =)

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