Beads and a brooch

A friend of mine bought at expensive designer dress for a party. Its color is chocolate, the skirt and the wide shoulder straps are made from organza. And it begged for something bright and fancy to complete the gorgeous looks. The shop assistants offered funny turquoise beads, but the price was pretty stiff, so my friend said she'll think about that and refused to buy at that very moment. I, being the witness of that scene, offered my help - to create some 'jewelry' for her dress for free.
That's what I made:

It was the first time I ever took up beading (ashberry beads 20 years ago don't count, do they? =) ). I never wear anything like that and don't like it very much (I prefer genuine gems and natural precious metals), so I don't understand much in it.
Browsing the internet led to two types of tutorials: either "take everything you have and string that" or a fimo-clay-modelling. So, I had to do it the way I thought it should be - no rules, no traditions, no idea how it usually happens =)
Finally it turned out to be: a nylon bright-blue cord with a large turquoise-like bead with round beaded parts at both sides. And there're two strings going from the clips to that bead, swirling round the cord. These strings start with organza ribbons (to match the dress material) and continue with a handful of different beads: big, small, metal, acrylic, glass, wooden etc. I'd like to draw attention to two parts: a bunch of strings of small beads tied in a knot and a chocolate-blue flower made of rolled satin ribbons (hello, quilling!).
In addition to the beads I made a brooch to fix it on the belt and add a bright spot.

An inverted rolled ribbon flower, another large turquoise-like bead, a small-beads brush and three danglers which consist of different beads and which jingle and stir as the person who wears it moves =)
So that is my first experience in bead-making. Unruled, non-traditional and totally crazy, but one can stare at it for a long time - it definitely attracts attention. =)

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