30 mini cards with quilling

Today I'm going to present my "creation", which was made last august. A friend of mine asked me to make a greeting card. She and her husband celebrated 30th birthdays in September with a few days difference; and the same September decade was marked with their wedding anniversary. So I thought for a while and decided that it won't be a single card, there should be... 30 cards!
Of course the size of each card was small: 7 cm * 7 cm (2,5 * 2,5 inch).
The overall view:

Each of the card has its own theme and a corresponding wish inside. I had an aim: to quill anything I could think of, but not flowers.
There are all the cards separately:
-An archer pig. Weird, yeah? That's the first idea I got when I found out that my friend's daughter is a Saggitarius and was born in the year of "Pig" (in Chinese horoscope). And the wishes inside are concerning the baby.

- Two swans as a symbol of a steady marriage. With a wish of understanding, tolerance, faith and good relationship.

- Another try of Yulia Brodskaya style. Yet, the size is too small to depict something decent, yet I liked what I made =) With a wish of love.

- A black cat with a horse shoe on its neck. Wishing all troubles to pass by and not bother the family. I didn't have the black strips then, so the cat was made of the handpainted white self cut strips %)

- wedding rings. With a wish of happy family life in love and consent.
- a palm tree =) Wishing a wonderful rest and vacation.
- friend's husband is fond of fishing, so there's a wish of a fine catch. The bucket is quilled from a double-sided paper, the the fishing rod is made from a toothpick and a piece of thread. Fish are made from foil.
- one sheep, two sheep... "Sweet dreams!"
- a quilled word "September", meaning that this month brings to the friend's family many wonderful occasions. "May every day bring you a lot of joy". Leaves are quilled, the upper leaf is punched.
- a word says "Good luck!". And also a clover with 4 leaves and a pack of aces as symbols of good luck.

- a bee, a flower and some honey. With a wish of interesting job and fruitful labor.

- a Virgo. Because both - friend and her husband - are Virgos. With a wish of everything beautiful and wonderful. This virgo is also holding a bunch of tiny quilled roses. Do you remember the size of each card? ;)

- a blue bird of happiness. Wishing, naturally, happiness =)
- palette, a brush and a quill; the word says "inspiration". A wish of inspiration and imagination's soar.

- a sleeping cat. With a wish of comfort, coziness and hearty warmth.
- the card I like most =) The Sun in sunglasses holding an umbrella. With a wish of good weather and clear skies =) The card was also dry embossed - you can see the raindrops on the background.
- some fruit =) An orange, an apple, a banana and a half of kiwi. A wish of good health. According to the saying "an apple a day keeps a doctor away" =) But the more vitamins - the better =)
- Treasure chest. Wishing prosperity and well-being. Treasures are colored with "pearl"-paint and glitter.

- Cake; what a birthday without a cake? With candles and a cherry on top. Wishing everything tasty =)
- Yes, the flowers =) Roses. Wishing that there would always be enough time and power to bring their ideas to life
- fringed flowers. In a twiggen basket. With a wish of peace and kindness.
- a bottle of champagne. "May all your holidays be full of fun and joy!" The neck of the bottle is covered with foil and the cork is real =)
- an airplane in clouds. Bon voyage! =)
- "Happy anniversary" for 30 years.
- there was a wish of "joy and fun", and I thought of carnival or a masquerade, so there's a mask on the card, confetti and paper streamers.
- Yin and yang. With a wish of harmony.
- Goldfish. With a crown. "May all your dreams come true!"
- "May you always get into the green wave on the road" A car and a streetlight, all 3 "eyes" of which are green of different shades. =)
- wishing everything fluffy and tender =) Fluffy and tender =) A small yellow chicken.
- and simple flowers. No wishes inside - so I let my friend write there something of her own for her husband =)
That's it. Thanks for looking!


  1. You did a wonderful job thinking up so many designs! Very original and nicely done. I hope your friend and her husband loved it!

  2. Your cards are wonderful! I love your creativity and imagination in thinking up your designs. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ann, Charlotte, thank you for comments! I highly appreciate them =)

  4. too good loved all of the cards will try some 2day

  5. Thank you, Nehal! And good luck in quilling ;)

  6. This is super!
    Dr Sonia S V

  7. Thank you, Dr. Sonia S V! =)
    You have a pretty blog too =)

  8. AMAZING !! You are just something else ! So brilliantly creative and patient ... wow . I am truly inspired.

  9. Replies
    1. I don't keep them, they were a gift for a friend in 2009, she wanted to lace them and hang as a garland, not sure she did so... and before that they were kept in a box.