Pistachio with miniatures - fairy tales

It's May! So let's get some greenery and escape from Christmas topics =)))

Some more pistachios. Pretty unique and personalized. The first one depicts a scene from an old story about mermaids (Ukrainian style house and clothes on a guy & the mermaids dance on the left side in a lake).

The second one shows Russian fairytale character: Vasilisa (a young, but very clever and beautiful girl), inspired by a famous artist Bilibin who illustrated fairytale books. She holds a skull lantern on a stick to guide her path in the woods as she gets out of the witch's house.
And a customer’s private cottage on the left side, that was her childhood memories =) A fairy tale and a grandpa's house. =)

A bear Christmas (well, yes, it's Christmas again, people love Xmas =))) ) in pistachio is planned for the next time.
Thanks for looking!


Christmas nut for 2 dogs with a "real window"

My treasured miniatures.
That was a very special order. One lady collects nutshell ( I have recently found out that she owns about 50 items! And I'm flattered to join her collection with my creation.
She asked me for a personal nutshell for her family. She has two dogs - long-haired Jack Russell terrier Hogan and a undefined-black-terrier Nettie. Both of them suffered in a shelter, and mostly got "wasted" for being "unfriendly". But luckily they were adopted and they are a part of a lovely family. That's almost a Chistmas miracle story, so I was happy to make their own Christmas scene in a shell.

I made a real window - the holes are not only "cut through", but are filled with "glass". That's my "know-how", I'll keep that in secret. It's not as transparent as I wanted it to be, but it's ok for a frosted winter window. And I love how it turned out.
Closed nutshell:
And that's the dog! Jack Russel terrier. As big as double pin head.

The snowman by the tree and a cozy kitchen on the other half:

Pointsettia - it stands on the windowsill, 3,5 mm big.

 A view on the cooking: a turkey - sniffed by the dog, and a plate of cookies.
Stars, clock, portrait, a cup of milk...
The other dog rests in the arm chair.

And a final view of the "glass" in the window.

Tell me what you think about it =) Next time I'll show more stuffed pistachios.


Christmas nuts - 2019

It’s been a long time since I made the last post here. Welcome to 2020! =)))

I’ve been working, both: with my miniatures and at my job. Back to the office after all the maternity «vacations». Miniatures are mostly done at night - while everyone sleeps and noone breathes nearby, shakes the table or naggs about dinner-apple-play-with-me =) But office begins at 8 am and my nights are getting shorter and shorter, and I have less time for what I like.
Anyway, let me show things I’ve made last year.

Walnuts: mostly Christmas theme

Triplet walnut Xmas scene: the front door of a house and a snowman nearby.

A Christmas dinner: the table layed for the dinner, a tablecloth, a runner, plates, forks and glasses.

 Snowman with a hat on him:
Check the glasses:

 And the table in process: I love the forks, they are sooo tiny =).

Another traditional Christmas: a fireplace and a tree.

My lovely deer =) Half-an-ear-phone size =)

Next time I’ll show a Christmas for two doggies with a real «window» in a walnut.


Stuffed pistachio

Walnut shell? Do you think it's small? ;)
Let's go smaller!!! I tried stuffing pistachio shell. To use it as a charm or a pendant.
Big brother - a walnut shell and the younger one: pistachio charm

Christmas scene: a snowman and an Xmas tree

Tied up - with a loop for a necklace


Tree closeup

That's how it looks as a pendant

And a second version (available): love and cats

A black kitty with a pink heart on snow

White kitty among blooming blue flowers.

Have a nice week! And happy international women's day!


Nuernberg Christmas fair nutshell

Made this nutshell in 2018. Another teddy bear. Blue.

Christmas theme.

The bear has his Xmas shop in the right half. Cookies, gingerbread, fachwerk houses, micro snowmen and Christmas decorations.

A box of baubles is 2 mm =)

And the left part: embroidered cushion for the bear to relax. Microembroidery of a fachwerk house. 
That's how it looked when was just finished:

That's how it looks outside

More details in close-up:

Check the details: snowmen on the upper shelf and houses below. And a couple of tiny bears.
And the teddy himself. All paws are turnable, the vest is hand knitted and can be taken off =)

Seasons' greetings!!!