Micro miniature in a glass ball pendant - Old books

Made to order for a lady whose profession is book restoration. She asked for a pendant that would represent her occupation. So I made it. 1:144 scale or something close.
Books, books, books...

Кулон на заказ от реставратора книг - девушка пожелала в шар заключить свою професию. Микроминиатюра примерно 1:144 или около того, книги-книги-книги...


12 months nutshell characters: winter

I've promised to show details of my 12 months fairy tale nutshell, so I'm beginning with winter months. December, January and February.
Not sure anyone is interested since I get like 10 pageviews for each post, but ok, "just for the history" =)
Обещала показать детали орешка "12 месяцев", сегодня - зимние месяцы.
Вся толпа перед "рассадкой"


Mini cards, quilling, spring

As a guest designer on the "StudioLeto" blog - Первоцветы - I was requested to make a card with spring flowers (tulips, snowdrops, daffodils etc) and a sentiment "Happy 8th of March" (International women's day)
Being all drowned in miniature I couldn't easily get back to cards, but I attempted. Clean and simple miniature cards - 5 cm by 5 cm and 5 cm by 7 cm (2" square and 2"x2,5") with quilled flowers. With the help of my elder daughter.
Я приглашенный дизайнер в блоге "StudioLeto" - задание Первоцветы - открытка с весенними цветами (тюльпаны, подснежники, нарциссы и пр) и надпись "С 8 марта". Я вся в миниатюре, потому задание немного смутило, но в итоге совместила. Открытки миниатюрные - 5 см на 5 см зеленая и 5 см на 7см - красная. С помощью моей старшей дочери.


Interview with Apricot Jam

Hi all! I bet you have seen these tiny walnut shells filled with love and detail and teddy bears and such?
Apricot Jam - HER BLOG  - makes wonders. I was deeply impressed, tried to make some microminiatures as well, I'm totally addicted now =) And I couldn't resist contacting this marvellous master when I saw her email on her blog. And I asked for an interview. Sharing it with you all, look, read and say WOW =)
По-русски интервью с мастерицей Apricot Jam можно прочитать в моих блогах Little fun и Ярмарка Мастеров.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Momo Izumi. I live in a place called Hokkaido in the Northern part of Japan. My family is my husband and two very cute two cockatiels. I am a nature lover. My nickname is Anzubear.


Micro miniature in a glass pendant - Sakura

Some people say that making micro miniatures in a walnut or in a box is useless and noone ever needs that. Ok, anyone can offend an artist. My answer to them: take your micro miniature with you. So I placed it in a glass sphere. Chain it and wear.
I've seen many glass ball pendants, filled with dandelion seeds, dried flowers, microbeads or other stuff, that's so easy, so boring. Just open, pour, seal and that's it. Maaaagic... So I used the idea for my own magic. Like a ship in a bottle ;)
Sakura, wooden bench and a stone path in the grassland.
3 cm in diameter (1 1/4 ")


Frozen Calico critters

Anna and Elsa outfits for Calico critters, Sylvanian families.
Для дочкиных зайцев из Сильваниан фэмилис сделала костюмы Анны и Эльзы из мультика "Холодное сердце"
My girl watched the movie and loved it, so instead of byuing her a new set of dolls I made costumes for her rabbits =)


Micro trees tutorial

Мастер-класс по микро деревьям.
How do you make it???.. Come in and take a look. I'll show 2 versions of a micro trunk.
Как ты это делаешь??? Как - смотрите, заходите, глядите =)


Pompom rooster - tutorial included

Inspited by Tsubasa Kuroda pompom brooches, I made this rooster as a Christmas decor. Rooster is a sign of the year in Chinese calendar, New Chinese year will begin on the 28th of January. So, I'm ready =)
Год Петуха по китайскому календарю наступит 28 января, я уже готова =) Петух из помпонов украшает нашу ёлку. Вдохновилась брошами Цубасы Куроды (кто не видел её сов, хаски и тигров???)

Invented a new technique of felting pompoms, adding "no glue" and "no sew" details to a pompom - his beak and other parts are not attached afterwards, they are made as a whole. Made a loooong, extremely detailed tutorial for this pompom toy - not sure I have time to translate it all, so in Russian- HERE, in English - on demand if something's not clear. ;)


12 months in a nutshell

That was a gift for my girl. I want to try selling my crafts, miniatures and such - but she always comes up: "Weee, that's sooo cute!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Don't sell, don't give away, pleaaaase, pretty please, let me keep it!" - and so all my gifts and items-for-sale setlle down in her drawers, where they get lost and noone sees them anymore. Thus I made a special gift for her, not the nutshell she nagged for, but her special one. She loves a fairytale - 12 months - a story where a Princess wanted a basketful of snowdrops for the New Year's celebration and a greedy stepmother sent her poor stepdaughter to get the flowers in the snowstorm. The stepdaughter met all 12 months in the wood and April made some spring for her for an hour, she got the flowers and so on... So that's what my nutshell is devoted to.
Орех сделан в подарок моей дочери, которая обожает сказку 12 месяцев Маршака. По мотивам нового издания книги с иллюстрациями Митрофанова Максима Сергеевича.


Micro - house for the Mouse

A tiny roombox - 2 cm by 3 cm - for a friend, filled with symbols of her birthday.
Крошка румбокс для подруги на тему символизма, связанного с датой её рождения. 2 см на 3 см на 1 см.